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school in Philadelphia! We've been teaching Karate, Krav Maga, Sports Chanbara, Personal Development and Fitness to families in Philadelphia, PA,
and all over since 1993. We're located at 1532-A Packer Ave (215-551-6252).
You're about to discover the hidden secret to having more time with your loved ones, getting in great shape, and building super confidence, razor-sharp focus and self discipline faster than you've ever dreamed possible.

I'm offering you an amazing opportunity that can easily give you or your child the tools to reach all of your goals and create the life you deserve! And I'm going to tell you how you can get started with no risk on your part and certainly no obligation...

Martial Arts at Martial Arts Hero Factory is much more than just kicking and punching. It's "Core Life Skills" training for kids and adults!


Sensei John and his staff are outstanding. If you're looking for a great martial arts school where you're not just another customer but part of the family, look no further. Sensei John does a phenomenal job translating the art of Shotokan into a simple effective way for people young or old to learn easily. I have been training here for over 8 years and I highly Recommend it!!!

Anthony F.


Face it: with work, school, and household responsibilities we are all strapped for time! Can you believe that in 2006 restaurants did more business than supermarkets? Yes it's true, and that was the first year that has happened!

What does that tell you? Right... we all need to deal with more stress and a faster pace than has any other generation in the history of our country. There's no end in sight either: we're only going to get busier. It's OK to get busy and get more accomplished, as long as your mental and physical health doesn't suffer; as long as the relationships that you have with the people who are closest to you don't fall apart in the process. I'm talking about the relationships you have with your significant others and of course your children!

Households suffer from communications problems and kids crave time with their parents as a result of our new way of life. If these problems go unattended the results can be devastating: just turn on the news any night and see for yourself.

I've got a secret that only a select group of people in this area know about and that you're about to discover first-hand!

My name is John McGonigle Sr. and I've been a professional Martial Arts instructor for 20 years. I've owned and operated a Martial Arts school here in Phila, PA since 1993.

Over the years I've helped adults and children achieve fantastic, life-enhancing results through my specialized Martial Arts, Fitness and Personal Development programs!


"If you are looking for an all around outstanding martial arts experience in Philadelphia, look no further than Martial Arts Hero Factory. Sensei John and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, with a high sense of community, discipline, and family values. It is a great place to learn new skills, stay in shape, increase your overall energy, and have fun! You should definitely visit, you will not regret it. I highly recommend it! "

Mr Cloud

Through our programs your child will learn the fundamentals of leadership: courage, follow-through, goal setting, communications skills, teamwork, self-discipline, self-control . . . the list goes on and on.

It doesn't matter whether your child is a beginner or a star athlete: Martial Arts training will increase flexibility, stamina and overall health. I have seen so many kids who were out of shape or felt physically inadequate transform their appearances and gain confidence in themselves by becoming physically fit. I have seen many star athletes gain the winning edge with the techniques they learn in Martial Arts. Over the years, I've even watched asthmatic children develop the ability to breathe more easily.

Our schedule is very flexible, so it doesn't matter whether your children are involved with soccer, baseball, football, or basketball, dance, ballet, or gymnastics. We have classes available at times that will fit their schedules. Actually the busier kids are, the better. We have plenty of classes each week for you to choose from, so the classes will always fit in at a convenient time.

Face It! Kids develop a sense of self-confidence by becoming good at some activity. With consistent practice and effort on their part they will become good at Martial Arts. I talk with many parents who express concern about their children "sticking with" a program once they begin. That's not a problem at Martial Arts Hero Factory because we have a systematic approach to keeping kids and adults motivated!

At Martial Arts Hero Factory we closely monitor our students and we show them how to overcome challenges and obstacles, not give in to them! This skill is priceless because our students learn the importance of follow through and commitment. The bottom line is that children in our program experience breakthroughs that set them up for future success.

East West Team Martial Arts shows students (young and old) how to follow through on goals!

Here's what you can expect...

"This is a fantastic school,with a real sense of family and community. Sensei John and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, and are patient with all levels of students and abilities. It's a great place to get a workout in, learn new skills, and to make some new friends. Training at Martial Arts Hero Factory has been a wonderful experience for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to study martial arts!"

Ms Hernadez

If you are looking for the ultimate way to transform your body, sharpen your mind, develop the self-confidence to achieve all of your goals and get in great shape without getting bored then you've come to the right place!

Did you know that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of your life?

Do you want to experience a unique approach to exercise combined with self-defense that works like nothing else you've ever tried before?

Can you imagine knocking the stress out of your life so you can be happier - all the time??

Our "proprietary program" is dynamic, safe and easy! It will skyrocket your levels of energy.

Now you can spend quality time with your child while getting in great shape and enhancing your life!

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I hope to see you soon! I'll personally be in touch to help you get acquainted with our program!

Yours Truly,

Master John P. McGonigle Sr.

PS. You really can give yourself and your kids the edge you need to accomplish more. Remember you deserve the results you can get through our program! So don't put it off!

Be sure that you fill out the form above or simply call us at 215-551-6252.

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